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#SixSentenceSunday from Sated

I'm joining in on #SixSentenceSunday! Here's an unedited, still in the works, clip from SATED, the third and last book in my Jane Thornton Trilogy. Enjoy!

Though I knew we needed to leave, that my time was short, being so close to Mason after weeks without him, and even longer before then, had me tied in knots. Now that he was in front of me, touching me, I had to touch him too. I ran the tips of my fingers over the collar of his shirt then onto the skin of his neck, my touch so soft he must have barely felt it. But as I skimmed his jaw, his eyes grew soft and his lids lowered.

As we both leaned toward one another, I licked my dry lips, already remembering the taste of him on my tongue when a door opened behind me interrupting us.

“Is she alright?”


You can find book 1 and 2 on Amazon! Or Read a free chapter from Hunger Here!

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