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Now Available!

They're best friends in love with the same woman... and each other.

What ever shall they do?

The wait is over! Shifted Illusions is finally available on Amazon!

Can three hearts beat as one?

The recent attack on the Alpha Division left Leo a broken shell of the man he once was. Gone are the dimpled smiles and his signature smirk. All that remains is a twisted, scarred mess. If anyone could love such a beast, it would be Hawk. But his best friend still dreams of the ‘woman who got away.’ A woman who stars alongside Hawk in Leo's own fantasies. Fantasies too perfect to ever become reality.

Having escaped a life of torment, Beth is finally free. Free to pine for her ex who would never love a half-breed like her and his best friend, a man desperately in need of her love. But when her past rears its ugly head, she must place her life in the hands of the two men she craves most. Now if only she can protect her heart from being torn between them.

Hawk has always harbored a fierce desire for Leo, but he couldn't risk losing his best friend. So, when Beth comes barreling back into his life, he hopes he’s been given a second chance. If only he and Beth weren’t in love with the same man... But maybe together, they can heal him.

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