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Sated #SixSentenceSunday

Welcome to another #SixSentenceSunday! I have a little more for you from Sated, which will be available soon.


"With a shaky hand, I touched the side of my head, my fingers dancing across the shorn strands. Though I’d never cared much about my appearance, my jaw clenched at the violation. The anger burning through my veins had me rolling my eyes toward the ceiling. After everything they’d done to me, would it be this that finally sent me over the edge? For maybe the hundredth time since I’d woken up in this god forsaken place, I set aside the rage and focused on making it out of there alive. Revenge, I vowed, would come later, and it would be mine."


Learn more about C.E.'s Jane Thornton Triligoy Here!

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