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Hunger Is Now Available!

As the title above declared, the first book in my newest series is now available. And it's getting fab reviews from readers! Check them out.

J. L. Johnston from Just One More page said: Sexy hot and hungry

The passion between Jane and her two men is off the charts hot. There's lots of danger, fights, survival and plenty of panty melting scenes in this first installment of CE Black's new series. This book is not for the faint of heart and takes you on a thrilling yet sexy rollercoaster or a ride. I loved it and can't wait to see what happens next.

Marie Brown from Marie's Tempting Reads said: A thrilling new read from C.E. Black!

I absolutely COULD NOT put this down! Seriously, I finished this story in less than two hours. I was HOOKED from the VERY first sentence. C.E. Black might have won me over COMPLETELY with this BRAND SPANKING new series! I have been searching for a great post-apocalyptic romance since I first read Kylie Scott's Flesh Series and Meghan March's Flash Bang series as well as Rebecca Zanetti's Scorpius Syndrome series. And other than a book here and there that were satisfactory, Miss Black gave me EXACTLY the kind of story I have been searching for since those books. I was on the edge the whole time reading this story.

Author S.H. Timmins said: Hungry for more!

I always know that I am going to experience a story that is nothing short of spectacular, and this was no exception. Hunger tantalized all my appetites and left me starving for more. C.E. Black has written a story that will finesse your emotions, seduce your mind, and implore your heart. Thrills and suspense leap from the pages, and of course the heat will leave you singed long after the final page is turned.

Honey from My Book Obsession said: Jane is a kick ass heroine

I couldn't put it down! I had to know what happened next. C.E is an outstanding writer and she delivers a awesome read in all her books! Man if you love The Walking Dead or any zombie movie, books, or anything related to them; you will love this book. It's not your typical romance and it's not your typical zombie read. It's so much more! CE leads on adventure with thrills, chills, and some heartache. But it's all worth it!

Hunger is available at

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