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777 Writers' Challenge - Authors: I Dare You To Share Yours!

Liz had been avoiding me for a long time, and after our kiss the night before Sam, Jordan and Alex’s wedding, she began to ignore me completely. Was she taking it a step further by refusing to come to our gatherings because of me? Rubbing my chest at the sudden ache, I shook my head. If she was that determined for me to be out of her life, then maybe I should hold off coming over to Sam’s house for a while. I frowned at the thought. No. If that was her intentions, then it was wrong and unfair of her, and I refuse to give up my time with my friends because she wanted to live in denial.

Comming Soon!

So basically what's happening in that mini scene above is this. Liz and Bear have been tiptoeing around their attraction for ages. Bear's insecurities get the best of him at times. As a Bear shifter, he thinks he's too much of a brute for a lady like Liz. But what he doesn't realize is that he has the biggest heart of them all. Liz, on the other hand, has her own reasons for not wanting to start a relationship with the big, hot Bear. She's been keeping a pretty deep secret from all of her friends, and the last thing she wants to do is hurt Bear. So she begins to separate herself from the group. Big mistake when most of your friends are bad ass Alpha shifters. They enjoy putting their noses where they don't belong. In this case, though, they kind of do belong in her business.

I have never written a story with so many twists and turns. Shifted Obsessions is the third novel in the Alpha Division series and the most complicated yet. Bear and Liz may be the main romantic focus, but the whole team is put through the wringer on this one. You'll enjoy this story if you like your steamy romance mixed with

some ass kicking action, a little comedic relief, and maybe even a few emotional tears.

I accepted the challenge from the talented author, Christa Simpson. Now will you? I dare you to share your work in progress and challenge seven others to keep this chain going. Gwen Knight - Paranormal | Urban Fantasy | Fantasy | Romance Author Charlie Daye - Paranormal | Dark Fantasy | Romance Author Debbie Herbert - Paranormal Romance Author S.H. Timmins - Contemporary Romantic Comedy Author Jenna Fox - Dark Erotic Romance Author Rachel Dunning - New Adult Romance Author Abbie Zanders - Romantic Fiction Author

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