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After a life of torment by the hands of her own family, Beth was supposed to be free. She had no idea the safe little bubble she’d created was about to burst. Or that her heart would be split between the two men protecting her.

Scarred from the recent attack on the Alpha Division, Leo knows his love life is over. His signature smirk and dimple once kept his bed warm. And now was a twisted and disfigured mess. If anyone could love him, it would be his best friend. But Hawk would never let go of the girl of his dreams for him.

Forbidden desires for his best friend had slowly worn Hawk down over the years. But he couldn’t take the chance and lose Leo forever. When his ex, Beth, barrels back into his life, he thinks it’s his second chance at love. If only he and Beth weren’t in love with the same man.

Releasing Nov. 1, 2019 at AMAZON!


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