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WIP Wednesday

Today I have a treat for you! When anyone asks, I always tell them I'm working on it. And I'm not lying. I am. It's just slow moving. Hopefully, this little teaser help with the wait. Here's a WIP snippet from book 4 in the Alpha Division series, Shifted Illusions.



I stared at my phone, my finger tapping a beat against the bottom corner trying to decide if I should call or not. How long had it been since she’d given me her number? Two, three months? I swiped to the calendar and sucked in a sharp breath. More like four months. Was four months too long to call after a woman gives you her number? Probably.

I hadn’t meant for so much time to pass, but searching for Wolford had taken up so much of my time and energy. When I worked, time had no meaning. Days and weeks would go by without me noticing. Hell, obviously even months .

It was definitely too late. She’d probably forgotten about me the moment she left me standing on that stage. I thought back to the night before Sam, Jordan, and Alex’s wedding. While searching for the girls, thinking they’d gone to a strip club, we’d ended up getting mauled by some overly excited women. Leo had jumped on stage to save our asses and I’d seen the woman of my dreams sitting alone across the room. One look in her bright green eyes and I’d been a goner.

She’d been sitting alone at a table in the back, looking like she wanted to be anywhere but there. I’d done my best to get her to go out with me and after a few teasing remarks, she agreed to have dinner with me if I got up and danced with Leo on the stage. That had been a no brainer. Unfortunately, when I’d returned, she hadn’t been there. I’d been pretty bummed, until I saw the little scrap of paper sitting on the mostly empty table. A phone number. No name. Nothing that said it had definitely been hers. But I was hopeful.

Now I stared down at my phone where I’d program the number all those months ago. How stupid had I been to wait so long? A vision of her long, wavy brown hair and round face came to mind and I quickly hit call. There was no way I could let her go that easily. She would probably say no to a date. But... She just might say yes.



The Alpha Division is a special operations team of shifters that keep the peace of their race using any means necessary. Ten men and one woman work under the US government in secret, solving cases that humans can know nothing about. As they fight their way to make wrongs right, some find love in the most unlikely places, and have to learn a new way to do their jobs, or lose it all.​

The Alpha Division is available at Amazon, and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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