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Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Here's more from Hunger! I'm so close to being finished, I can taste it. Then I'll be jumping right into book 2, Starved. Enjoy!


We walked for days, stopping only when exhaustion or hunger forced us. I didn’t know where we were going, and for the first three days, I hadn’t cared. Mason and Kaden were headed south, and I followed. I just kept walking, not seeing much of my surroundings. Not a care for when we’d stop. I wondered if this was how the flesh eaters felt. No purpose. Except to eat when hungry. Sleep when tired. Drink when thirsty. The only difference, I

supposed, was that flesh eaters didn’t sleep or drink. That I knew of.

I did remember a brief discussion between the guys. A couple hours after we’d fled the scene with the roughnecks, Mason had asked Kaden how many were left. He’d whispered the question as he glanced back at me, but I’d pretended I hadn’t noticed.

“Four,” Kaden had replied, his voice just as hushed. “They were in the trucks so I hadn’t been able to get to them.”

From that comment alone, I’d determined he’d killed the other three. I’d ground my teeth together thinking of the anger in his eyes after I’d taken out Duke and Beau. So, it was okay for him to kill but not me?

“Think they’re after us?” Mason had asked.

“Yes. But they aren’t looking for you and me.” Kaden’s gaze flickered in my direction.

Exactly, I wanted to shout. That was why I had to do what I’d done. But as the silence stretched between the guys, I’d begun to wonder… Was that Kaden’s way of saying he would hand me over?


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