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Six Sentence Sunday

For this Six Sentence Sunday post, I'm sharing a snippet from Shifted Illusions. Coming 11/1/19!

While Beth shared the details of her horrifying past with a grace and strength I admired, I spent most of the time fighting the urge to run from the room screaming. It was toss up between that or dragging her into my arms, daring anyone to come after her now. They’d have to get through me first.

By the end, I was so on edge, so close to going full lion, my hands were no longer human, the claws digging into my thighs where I’d used every ounce of control to keep them there and not shatter the fucking table. From the way Hawk shook next to me, I had a sneaking suspicion his animal was just as close to the surface. Hearing what had been done to Beth… It was the hardest thing I’d ever experience, not excluding the explosion that fucking ruined my life. And to think, she'd actually lived this shit.


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