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Work-In-Progress Wednesday

Another snippet from Hunger! This story has evolved a lot over the last couple of weeks. What I thought would be just a standalone novella is now panning out to be a trilogy. At least, that's what it's looking like today. We shall see what tomorrow brings. :)

In this excerpt, Jane, our heroine, has just met her stalkers face to face. And she's not in the mood for conversation.


“Hi, I’m Mason,” he said as he held out a hand. “But you can call me Mace. Everyone does.”

I looked at it then back at his face as I hitched my bag higher on my shoulder. When I didn’t respond, or give him my own hand, his smile wilted. I kind of hated that. But not enough to touch him.

He dropped his hand and cleared his throat. “This is Kaden,” he gestured to the other guy I hadn’t yet even glanced at. And boy when I did, I wished I hadn’t. I’d thought Mason big. He had nothing on Kaden. The guy stood another five inches or so taller than Mason, and just as broad. Tilting my head to get a good look at his face was a bad idea. As I took a step backwards, his scowl deepened and his blue eyes narrowed.

“Stop scaring her, Kaden—”

Before Mason could finish his sentence, I took off. A curse sounded behind me as I pumped my legs as hard as I could. My breathing was already ragged from my ordeal under the trailer, and my backpack weighed a ton. I almost threw it off to gain more speed, but my life was in that pack.

As my shoulders slumped, I thought, the hell with it! I yanked off the damn bag, letting it tumble behind me. If I could just reach the trees, I’d be safe. If there was one thing I was good at, it was hiding.

My legs flew across the grass as I forced a burst of speed from my tired body. Close now. Only maybe a yard away.

My knees buckled and I came crashing down, face first onto the grass. I scrambled to get back up, but before I could stand, what felt like a boulder pressed me back down to the ground. I’d been caught.

* * *

I previously stated that Hunger would release in May 2017 inside a multi-author box set. The set is no longer happening. I don't have a release date for Hunger yet, but I'm hoping early spring.

Until next time,


Copyright © 2017 by C.E. Black

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