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Elianne’s top 10 reasons why dragon shifters make the best mates!

Elianne’s top 10 reasons why dragons shifters make the best mates!

There’s just something about a dragon shifter romance that melts my heart. From the time I was a little girl, I dreamt of princesses and castles, and of course, fire breathing dragons. Now that I’m all grown up, the dragons in my dreams do more than just breathe fire, and defeat the enemy. A whole lot more. Here’s my top 10 list of why I think dragons shifters make the best mates!

1. When I’m immersed in a dragon shifter romance, I can’t help but be drawn into the magical realm where anything, and everything can happen. Who doesn’t want a bit of magic in their lives?

2. Dragons are known for their love of jewels, and riches. Your dragon shifter mate would shower you with baubles and beautiful trinkets for no reason at all. Who wouldn’t love that?

3. What a dragon shifter wants, a dragon shifter gets. Their determination is legendary. If a dragon shifter sets his eyes on you, you can bet he’s going to do everything in his power to convince you to be his.

4. You can’t think of a dragon without thinking of its size and strength. You’d never be bothered by sleazy come-ons or rudeness from anyone with a big, strong dragon at your side. Let’s face it, regular men would quake in their boots if your dragon so much as glared at them.

5. Yes, after mentioning their size, I’m totally going there. Dragons are huge— everywhere. Let’s face it, ladies! Sometimes size really does matter.

6. They’re hot… literally. In the dead of winter when toes seem to be perpetually frozen, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to snuggle up to all that heat under the blankets?

7. To go along with all their heat, dragons breathe fire! So handy to have around. If you want your fireplace lit, no need for kindle, just get your sexy mate to light it up with one heated breath. You could be sipping your hot cocoa snuggled up next to your mate in no time. Maybe even make smores!

8. Flying can be so expensive. Not to mention all those line ups to get through customs. Imagine being able to hop onto your dragon and let him take you to all kinds of exotic destinations, or private locations where you could get… friendly?

9. They don’t shed. Wolf shifters are hot, I won’t deny it, as are felines and bears, but all of those have fur. With your dragon shifter mate, you don’t have to worry about shedding.

10. Dragons are the most extreme of Alphas. They have strength, stamina, and single mindedness that is unparalleled. He would be fierce, loyal, and protect you always. He’d be like a big, scaly bodyguard who would die for you in a heartbeat. But when the door is closed and it’s just the two of you, you can bet that he’d be sweet and tender, and just right for you.

There are plenty more reasons to love a dragon shifter. I’d love to hear what you think. Leave your comments below and I’ll be sure to respond.

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Coming January 2016

Elianne Adams

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