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New Release! Gathering Darkness

Gathering Darkness Has Released!

You can now enjoy darkly seductive tales from ten NYT, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling Authors. And it's only $0.99!

There is a gathering on the horizon... It's a place where Vampires feed off your desires, Weres dominate you, Demons seduce you and Aliens whisk you away to fulfill fantasies you never knew you had. Where your darkest appetites are sated, leaving you weak and breathless... Come and join us as we lead you into the Gathering Darkness.

Stories included in this set:

Close Liasons by Anna Zaires & Dima Zales

The Time Stopper by Dima Zales

Shifted Undercover by C.E. Black

Capturing Her Bear by Charlie Daye

Bitten by Choice by Izzy Szyn

Let The Fur Fly and Red's Wolf by Jenika Snow

Walking Dead Girl by Lili Saint Germain

Dragon's Chase by Mina Carter

Zane (Were Zoo One) by R.E. Butler

Captive's Kiss by Sharon Kay

Find Gathering Darkness at these major retailers for only $0.99!

Shifted Undercover by C.E. Black

Here's a little about my contribution to the box set. Shifted Undercover is a stand alone novella set in the world of the Alpha Division. If you haven't read my Alpha Division series, you won't be lost at all, and if you have, well I hope you enjoy the surprise appearance of a favorite character. :)

Nikki Hughes is newly married to a man she’s only known for six months. Adam is the perfect guy. He’s loving, hot as hell and only has eyes for Nikki. They have spent months getting to know each other and falling madly in love, but Nikki hasn’t been completely honest with Adam. She has a secret life he knows nothing about, and she plans on keeping it that way. Nikki has a job to do. One that means the difference between life or death. So what if she’s on a flight traveling to their honeymoon destination. Except, how is she supposed to work a secret job with a sexy as sin husband trying to seduce her every ten minutes? Well, it is one the reasons she agreed to marry the insufferable man so easily. When all hell breaks loose on the flight, Nikki finds herself in a deadly situation. And to top if off, she’s not the only one keeping secrets in this relationship.

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