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WIP Wednesday

Today's WIP Wednesday is a special one. This week a few authors from the Bad Alpha Dads project are also participating. I'll place links to their snippets at the bottom of this post as they go live.

Here is an unedited excerpt from my book, Makeshift Mate. It's included in two projects, Bad Alpha Dads and Meet Your Alpha. Enjoy!



The wolf shivered, a giant wave rippling across his back. It happened so fast, the sight so strange I couldn’t keep up with it. He stretched his limbs, the great size of him growing even larger. Then his silvery gray fur rolled away, leaving behind a man. One who was ruggedly handsome and completely naked. I held back a gasp that desperately wanted to escape.He was too far away to tell, but I could have sworn he looked familiar.

My eyes narrowed at the man as he stood upright, stretching his arms up then out. Even from a distance, I could tell he had a killer body. Not excessively muscular, he had the body of a built runner. Lean but with a six-pack that made my mouth water. For the first time in my life I was hit with lust so hard I trembled.

Frozen with a mixture of shock and longing, I sat perfectly still as he knelt next to the river, dipping his hands into the water before splashing it over his head and shoulders. He shivered but did it again and again. And each time he drenched himself I was the one who became wetter and wetter.

I shifted in my saddle. Should I reveal myself? No, I decided. It was too awkward. I’d not only witnessed him shift from an animal to a man but now I was gawking at him like some creep. This wasn’t exactly a situation I had experience in. Give me a boardroom full of arrogant men and I’d eat them for lunch. But a sexy as sin man naked by a river and I’d become a bumbling idiot.

Maggie made the decision for me. She shuffled to the side and neighed softly. The man whipped his head around in our direction, but I was already on the move.


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For preorder links for Makeshift Mate CLICK HERE!

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