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WIP Wednesday

Finally a new WIP post! Here's a snippet from Shifted Illusions, the next book in the Alpha Division series. And a big fat clue as to where this one's going. Hope you enjoy! xx



Sunlight glinted off the snow below me and I blinked, realizing I was missing out on a good fly. Pushing Leo’s troubles aside for later, I stretched my wings. But as I soared over the mountains I loved, my thoughts turned right back to Leo. That happened a lot. There was no real reason why. Leo was just… Leo. Unforgettable.

When I finished my fly, I landed by the porch, shifted back quickly, and ran up the steps. I was ready to jump in the hot tub to warm up when I notice someone had beat me to it.

With his back to me, Leo’s arms stretched out on the sides as he leaned his head back. His eyes were closed, his face relaxed. Unsure if I would be welcomed, I hesitated. Then I shook myself. This was my damn hot tub.

“Hey, mind if I jump in?” My question was unnecessary as I stepped in.

“Nope,” he said without expression.

Leaning back, I hissed as the water heated my icy skin, causing it to tingle and burn. Once I began to warm up, I relaxed, but kept my gaze on my friend sitting across from me. We were both naked. Nothing unusual about that. We were shifters. Men. And best friends.

Neither of us cared about seeing the other’s dangly bits. However, I was curious. He seemed to have no problem sitting here naked in front of me, but he wouldn’t shift earlier? My eyes scan his chest and shoulders, then to what was hidden beneath the water. Unable to see much, I looked back up only to encounter Leo’s gaze. Expecting a snarky comment such as, “Like what you see?” I was surprised when several minutes went by in silence. His expression never changed. It was flat, neutral, even as his eyes bore into mine.

“What?” I finally asked.

Instead of answering, he asked, “So, how was it?”

I stiffened, then realized he meant my flight not his body. “Cold,” I replied.

His gaze seemed to intensify the longer it held mine. I shifted in my seat, regretting it instantly. A great big neon sign that I was uncomfortable. I’d been trained better than that. But really, why was he playing this game? What was he doing?

The corner of Leo’s lips lifted into a smirk. Then he released me from his gaze as his head fell backwards. “Looks like you’ve warmed up plenty, there, buddy.”


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