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Work-In-Progress Wednesday

This is my first entry into WIP Wednesday. Twice a month, I'll give you a little taste of what I'm working on. I'm hoping this will not only get you excited for my upcoming releases, but keep me motivated as well.

Today's snippet is from Hunger. This is a zombie apocalyptic romance set in the south. Also M/F/M. My readers know I had to spice that up.

So far, it is a standalone story, however I'm keeping an open mind. I'd love to keep writing in this world. We shall see.


“Do you see her?” The lower tone of the man’s voice was soft, almost, but not quite a whisper.

I could feel the erratic beating of my heart in my throat, and my head swam from lack of oxygen. Please say no, please say no, I chanted over and over in my head.

Another pair of boots, these black, military like, appeared next to the others, and I had to fight back a gasp. “No,” another man said. Or grunted was more like it.

I wanted to sigh with relief at the answer. Instead, my breath let out slow and even. I couldn’t afford to make a sound. From the tone of the second man’s voice, deep and unforgiving, I wouldn’t like it if they found me.

I’d spotted the two men a few days before. They were walking down the center of a two-lane road. Out in the open, where anyone could see them. One tall and built like a linebacker, the other not as tall, but just as big. Just as muscular. Just as dangerous.

At first, I’d been so surprised to see actual living human beings, I’d frozen. The shorter man had laughed at something the other had said, though his friend only grimaced. Whatever the joke, it mustn't have been too funny. Still, the sound had carried on the wind to where I stood only a few feet away. My lips had tugged up into something akin to a smile. I hadn’t smiled or laughed in so long, I hadn’t been sure I still knew how.

But the moment was short lived.

* * *

Hunger is expected to be released in May and will be included in a multi-author box set as well.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and look forward to reading your comments!

Until next time,


Copyright © 2017 by C.E. Black

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