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Snippet Saturday

Today's Snippet is from the first book in my Alpha Division series, Shifted Temptations. Enjoy!

“Touch him,” Jordan whispered.

I licked my lips, hesitating, unsure if that was a good idea. Jordan picked up my uninjured hand and placed it on the back of Alex’s neck, before wrapping his arm around my shoulders. At first, I just kept it there, not moving, waiting to see what he would do. He didn’t do anything, just continued to rub up against me.

Cautiously, I petted him, stroking the soft fur. I admired the silky texture, touching him with a little more confidence. I ran my hand down his back, then brought it up to his head to run it down again. His muscles jumped with every stroke, and I smiled, wondering if I was tickling him.

My small laugh had his gaze swinging up to meet mine. I stared at the glowing orbs, searching. The pupils dilated, as I watched and then there it was. The pull.

What was between Jordan and I was a sort of dominating/submissive relationship. Well, submissive was the wrong word to describe me, but he was a dominant man who needed to control his surroundings. I loved that about him and let him think, on occasion, that he was in charge. His directness and take-charge attitude was what drew me to him. I’d been infatuated with him from the moment we met. Our

connection instantaneous.

With Alex, it was completely different. He was charming and funny and even though he was more than good looking, I didn’t think there was much of an attraction between us. Until we locked gazes over a box he’d helped me carry. I could not tear my eyes away from his. He mesmerized me, and something in my soul recognized him.

I felt that connection as I looked into the cat’s stare. The shape and color might have been different, but the draw was still there. His essence was in those eyes, and all my anxiety just melted away.

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