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Snippet Saturday!

Enjoy today's snippet from Shifted Under Construction.

Strolling to the window, I scanned the dirt parking lot. I could see the workers in the distance and shifted my focus over there as my gaze landed on Chris. He was still working the saw, his head bent under his bright yellow hat as he cut long beams of wood.

Seeing him reminded me of the woman that had come by the office. Would she have left a note like this one? She was the jealous sort, but too refined looking to stoop so low. At least, I’d thought so before. Now I was thinking I shouldn’t put it past her to write something so nasty. It only made sense. Who else could it be? But if she had, what could I do about it?

I rubbed at my temples as a headache began to bloom. I rested my head against the window just as Chris’ eyes connected with mine. He couldn’t have seen me from this distance, so I knew he was only staring at the trailer. But it felt like our gazes held a long moment before he looked away. I sighed again. Could this day get any worse?

Apparently, it could.

Not an hour later, a man walked in, his eyes scanning the inside of the small trailer with a cool look that barely hid his disgust. Wearing a gray business suit that probably cost more than I’d make in a year on my teacher’s salary, he had a confident posture and a look so steely I wilted under the intensity. Though I couldn’t tear my eyes away. The man was extremely handsome and more than a little dangerous looking.

What was it with all the sexy men around here?

I swallowed hard as he raised a single eyebrow. A show of amusement or annoyance? I wasn’t sure, but it got me moving. I stood up abruptly, tripping over my feet a bit. My hip hit the edge of the desk sharply, and I winced, but pulled my lips up in what I hoped was a professional smile.

“Hello, how can we help you?” I asked.

One side of his lips pulled up in an almost grin. Amused, I decided. He was definitely laughing at me. My cheeks heated.

“I’m looking for Mr. Hughes or Mr. Viera.”

His voice was smooth, like melted chocolate on my tongue. I was sure I sighed aloud when his eyebrow popped up again. But luckily, I didn’t need to respond, as Adam walked out of his office right then, his hand extended.

“Stone! What a surprise.”

His voice said he was greeting a friend, but his expression said the man in the gray suit was anything but. My eyes bounced back and forth between them as they traded pleasantries.

“Hello, Adam,” Stone nodded. “Sorry to barge in on you at work, but I had something I wanted to talk to you and Christian about.”

Adam’s eyes glanced in my direction for a moment before turning back. “Let’s go into my office. I’ll call Chris and let him know you’re here.”

Stone gave a nod and followed Adam. I watched, unable to help myself as my eyes fell to the way his pants molded to his tight ass. Very nice.

Just before he closed the door behind him, his cool gaze caught mine and he winked. He winked! I swear the temperature spiked to over a hundred degrees in the trailer. My face burned with embarrassment. What was wrong with me? Staring at men’s asses, thinking about voices that melted in my mouth, and not to mention the sex on legs I worked for. Hell, I’d been screwed against a wall by a man I’d only met that day. Hormones, I decided. Or maybe it had just been too long. Donnie hadn’t been that great a lover, but he was only one of two I’d ever had, so I had no comparison. And there had been no chance of sowing any wild oats. Men weren’t usually into the curvy types. Or at least not any I’d ever met.

Except for Chris.

I sighed. Yes, Chris. Who obviously only wanted that and nothing else. Wasn’t there someone out there that would want both me and my curves?

Speaking of the devil, the door opened, revealing the sexy man himself. His dark hair was disheveled and his work clothes were wrinkled and dirty, but that only made him look even more appealing. Why did men have it so easy? I bet he even smelled fantastic. There was something about a hard working man. Then again, I guess it had to be the right man. Because most just smelled like pigs.

Maybe Chris was my Mr. Right. He was obviously attracted to me. And I liked how he looked dirty and gross. That should mean something, right? Maybe if I just took it slow, and didn’t push, he’d come around and want something more.

Chris stomped into the trailer and went straight into the office, never once looking in my direction.

Or maybe not.

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