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Snippet Saturday

For this Snippet Saturday,

enjoy a excerpt from Shifted Undercover.

The bathrooms for first class were at the front of the plane, so checking out the rest of the cabins without Adam noticing would be near impossible; I would have to walk right past him. But as I grabbed my bag and headed out, I came up with a plan.

Just as I’d thought, Adam saw me coming and reached out to capture my hand before I could pass. “Where are you going?” His bemused smile was adorable.

“I’m thirsty and thought I’d just pop in there,” I pointed to the sliding door in the back, “and ask for a drink. Want anything?” Okay, it wasn’t the greatest plan, but it was all I had.

“Oh, yeah,” he nodded. “But it’s that way,” he raised an eyebrow as he pointed to the front of the plane where I’d just come from. And here’s where it got tricky. I hoped he believed me and no attendant came out while I was gone.

“No one was there,” I told him. “I’m going to go see if I can find a flight attendant walking around back there,” I motioned.

I planted a smacking kiss to his cheek in hopes of distracting him. It worked, and after he let me go from another scorching kiss, I turned to leave. But it must not have distracted him enough. Adam pulled on my hand, keeping me from leaving. “Sit down, I’ll get it.”

“No, that’s okay,” I said, as he started to get up.

“Then just give the attendant a minute. She’ll be by in a few, I’m sure.” His expression said he didn’t understand my need to rush for an attendant, and with a sigh, I sat back in my seat. Fail.

Sure enough, by the time my bag was back beside my feet, the attendant came and asked us if we wanted a drink. I order a 7 Up, and went back to scheming. This was too freaking hard. On a normal mission, I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, and only had to fool strangers into believing what I wanted them to. Having my husband

on board was messing with my game.

Another half hour passed and things were calm. I’d sipped my soda and pretended to read a little, and no one had barged through the cabin to try and free the prisoner or hijack the plane. Maybe I hadn’t needed to search the plane after all.

Adam shifted beside me, gaining my attention. His head tilted as he stared off into space, a worry line creasing his forehead. I watched as his brows furrowed, before an angry frown marred his sweet face. I opened my mouth to ask what was wrong, when he jumped out of his seat. “I’ll be right back,” he said, and took off toward the back of the plane.

“Okay,” I murmured. What the hell was that all about? And why did he get to go running around the plane when he wouldn’t let me go find an attendant for a simple drink?

I scanned the cabin, looking around for answers, when my gaze landed on the back of the prisoner's head. He stared out the window quietly, as his companion read a newspaper.

Hmm. Everything was quiet. Too quiet, I thought.

Standing up, I stretched and followed after my husband.


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