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Snippet Saturday!

This snippet is from my upcoming release, BEHIND THE MASK, which will be featured in the boxed set, A WICKED HALLOWEEN.

Pre-order coming very soon!​

“Shh,” he whispered as he moved his face closer to mine. I could smell the sweet scent of his breath as it fanned across my face. Surprisingly, I felt myself calm.

“You blacked out before you attacked either one of us. But the girl did not make it. She was too close to death. I called the police. However, for both of our sakes, I got us out of there before the authorities arrived. I do believe they are handling it as we speak.”

All I could do was nod. He’d taken care of everything. “Thank you,” I said. “And I’m sorry for almost attacking you. It’s a bit blurry, but I do remember that I didn’t even realize it was you in that alley.”

“Yes, the blood lust does that. The animal within is released, and all rational thought is lost.”

I breathed deeply, wondering what I was supposed to do now. Get to Salem. “I’ve got to

go,” I murmured, and began to scramble off his lap.

He held on tight and shook his head no. “First, you need to feed.”

“I don’t have any bags here,” I told him. Then I lifted my chin and said, “And I will not go hunting.”

His sigh was long. “I know all of this, Kassandra. You need to drink from me. I’ve fed recently, so my blood should sustain you until we can get you fresh blood.”

My lips parted as he leaned into me, pulling me closer at the same time. If I’d been

well-fed, my heart would have been racing. “I’ll drain you,” I whispered. His lips were so close…

“No, you won’t.” His breath fanned my cheek, and I shivered. “And what do you think would happen if you did? You can’t kill me.” His smirk should have pissed me off. Instead, I felt my body relax into his hold.

His face inched closer, until his lips brushed mine. The caress was as light as a feather, but my eyelids fluttered, waiting for him to kiss me. Then he turned his head, his cheek resting against mine as he whispered in my ear, “Drink.”


Keep your eyes open. Pre-order links will be available SOON!

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A Wicked Halloween is now available for pre-order!

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