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A Fun Alpha Division Poll

Fun Alpha Division Poll

*Warning, spoiler alert! If you haven't read all of the current Alpha Division books, you might not want to read this poll.

Wolford is still at large, and has disappeared off the map!

What should the Division do?

A. Forget about him! He’ll show up eventually. His ego is too large to stay hidden for long. And the Division has too many other cases on their plate as it is.

B. Nation Wide Manhunt! Do whatever is needed to search for him. Even take to the internet and expose themselves if necessary! (Shifters! Not their bodies, you pervs. Although...)

C. Time to make an army out of those mutant shifters Wolford created. Surely between them and the vampires they’ll be able to find him!

SOOOO... What should they do?

Leave a comment below with either A, B, or C. I'd love to know!

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