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On Writing #Wolves : Best Alpha Females

I can recite chapter and verse the number of “best” werewolf Alpha posts, of the best males or sexy heroes. Of course I can, I’m a romance author and paranormal romance is one of my favorite genres. In the best shifter books, we love the sexy growl of a male who is driven to protect his mate and his pack. We love their loyalty, their need to keep those around them safe and their power in defense of their world. I love a strong hero, but strong heroes need to be complemented by their powerful heroines so let’s talk about the best wolf females.


The best wolf females are not only strong, they are intelligent. They know how to face off against the world and enhance their own personal best. While some wolf worlds are written as a man’s show, that they do all the fighting and the little women stay home and behave, the best wolf females aren’t competing in a ‘man’s’ world, but a wolf’s one.

One fantastic example of that is Elena Michaels from the Women of the Otherworld series. She’s that world’s only female werewolf, and it had been a real man’s world there with only their male offspring developing the wolf gene. Women usually didn’t survive the transformation until Elena. She didn’t let her ‘uniqueness’ go to her head, instead she made the best of what was to her a horrible situation. Her strength is not only in her ability to track, but in how she can utilize the strengths of the people around her.


In addition to being as tough and protective as their male counterparts, the best wolf females are compassionate. They know how to care for those around them, even when their hearts have been trounced upon or they have suffered. Anna Cornick from the Alpha & Omega series is a woman of heart, she cared even when the level of abuse she experienced could have broken others. Her mate is the second most powerful wolf in the U.S. yet she not only handles him, she handles the wildest and maddest among them because her compassion seems without compare.


Elena and Anna are both survivors, but Brenna Kincaid of the Psy/Changeling series also endured severe torture and more, she had her DNA messed with thanks to the events which launched the series. Brenna could have been broken forever, but she not only persevered, she fought to reclaim her independence not only from her losses but also from the fierce protectiveness of her siblings. Survivors do more than just live, they thrive.


Beyond their compassion, strength, intelligence and ability to survive, female wolves are just as capable of defending their pack and leading it. It’s shown in all of the series mentioned but in so many others. It’s not a feminist movement, it’s a wolf one. It’s what Serafina Andre in the Wolves of Willow Bend demonstrated as well as so many others. It’s all about pack and community. There is strength in numbers—there is strength in their females as well as their males.

Who is your favorite Alpha female?

Heather Long

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