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eBook $2.99

Paperback $8.99

Nikki and Adam are newlyweds, flying through the silver skies, traveling to their honeymoon destination – or so it seemed on the surface. 

Secret agendas, and hidden plans, begin to unravel after chaos erupts on the plane. Nikki is not willing to lose the love she has found in Adam over a flight plan gone wrong, and Adam is determined to risk it all for the love of his woman; revealing the beast that resides within.  

Can Nikki accept that her new husband has hidden this side of himself from her, and what about her own secrets exposed? Will they even survive the flight long enough to find out, or to have the honeymoon they really wanted?


Find out in this tale of love, lies, a honeymoon, and a hijacking.

Shifted Undercover is book 1 and a standalone novella in the Beta Division duet. Both are part of the Alpha Division universe.

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