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What do you do when your ex-best friend and the man who shattered your heart walks into a coffee shop? You wash his number off your hand, of course.


A single encounter after eight years of no contact and now I can't stop thinking about him. It doesn't help that he keeps popping up everywhere.


At my favorite coffee shop...

While out to dinner with my friends...


And now he's my new boss?


I need a drink. And my head examined. Because those old feelings I thought I'd gotten over long ago are creeping back in.


He might be presumptuous, but he's also gorgeous, sweet, attentive, and passionate. It reminds me why we used to be such great childhood friends.


But Lee Boudreaux doesn't want to be just friends anymore, and this time, he's willing to lay everything on the line.


The problem is, I'm not sure I can risk my heart again and survive.

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