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Each book in the Enduring Kiss series can stand alone and does not have to be read in order.


Enduring Kiss

Traumatized by a vicious past, Jessica finds solitude and safety as a feeder for Savannah’s Master Vampire, Lucas Christensen.


The Perfect Mate

When Susan stops in Savannah, Georgia after a year on the run, she finds more than she bargained for. She's looking for freedom, not a mate...


Second Chance

As Rebecca struggles with trying to move on from her mate's death five years ago and deciding if she should plunge into a relationship with Sean, a Master Vampire comes to town threatening a takeover...



Lonely and more than a little depressed, Sean finds himself in a small town bar, drinking his sorrows away, knowing the woman he loves will be married the next day to her true mate. Until a sexy and courageous woman offers him a night he'll never forget.

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