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BITE ME is a Paranormal Romance short story collection.

A Dragon's Gift:


It’s Christmas Eve and Hannah Rhodes prefers to spend the holidays alone. Well, that’s not exactly true. Her deepest desire is to spend Christmas in the arms of the man she loves. He’s kind, considerate, and handsome... Almost too good to be true. Only, Kye Sorensen is her boss and completely off-limits.

Though they have a friendly and professional working relationship, Kye has kept Hannah at arm's length for years. His secret is too profound, and to protect Hannah, he has to keep his distance.  Though one mistake brings Hannah where he least expects to find her, and she’s brought her own secret. A gift neither thought existed.

A Witch's Desire:


A Witch’s Desire spins off from my book, Behind The Mask. You do not have to have read Behind The Mask to enjoy this short story.


Though he was completely oblivious, Shell had been in love with James for a long time. Too long, in her mind. And tonight, she planned to make her move by casting a spell that would finally turn his head.




HAL can also be found in the multi-authored boxed set, Grave Hauntings: Where Sexy and Sinful Meets Dark and Chilling.


On the night of All Hallow’s Eve, you should always expect the unexpected. Especially when living in a cabin too far for the neighbors to hear your screams… of pleasure.


Kara's Fantasy:


This short story comes after my book, Cursed Desires. If you haven’t read it, be warned, there may be spoilers. Kara’s Fantasy is just as it’s titled.


Kara, Gabe, and Will’s relationship had always been full of passion with a hint of playfulness. In this Halloween short story, you get a taste of both.




At least once a week, I would have a recurring dream of something I didn’t understand, nor remember ever happening. A house I desperately wanted to see, but never could. Then there was him. He was the man of my dreams, my reverie, and my worst nightmare...

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