Will this mating of convenience turn into so much more?

Locke Winfield needs a woman. No, not just a woman… He needs a mate. And fast. Which is why he joined the online dating site, Meet Your Alpha. There are thousands of women out there. Surely he can find one willing to take on a workaholic Alpha Wolf and his moody preteen daughter. But he never expected his match to be the confident and sexy CEO, Isa Vitale. This single dad might have bitten off more than he can chew. But he’s willing to give her a taste. 

Finding a companion who will understand Isa’s commitment to her job is hard. Harder is saying no to Locke, a hunky Alpha with a proposition she can’t refuse. Three weeks of playing house with a clueless single dad and his sweet little girl, then she can move on. But in the process of saving her company, she might lose something more valuable… Her heart.


Makeshift Mate is a standalone book in the Meet Your Alpha Series.

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