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The dating world has become a war zone. Especially for the paranormal.


Kate is so sick of being single--no, scratch that--she's sick of dating. Hell is meeting married men on the prowl, men terrified of her shifter side, men who don't like tacos, for crying out loud. There has to be a better way for people like her to meet other singles. All Kate wants is someone who will accept all of her quirks, including her tiny obsession with Mexican food. Is that too much to ask? 


Dating for Bram has become a cliché. If he has to suffer through one more night with a fang-chaser, he might just stake himself. It's all become rather...boring. Maybe the time has come to throw in the towel and renounce himself to an eternity of loneliness. Until a pissed-off redhead smelling of tacos slides into the seat next to him at a bar. And is that shrimp in her hair? Suddenly, Bram isn't feeling all that bored anymore.


One chance meeting changes everything, and now, Bram and Kate's Happily Ever After might be in sight. If only they can rid themselves of one pesky wannabe witch who's set her sights on Bram and refuses to take no for an answer...

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How To Meet Your Alpha is the FREE prequel and a standalone short story in the Meet Your Alpha Series

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